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While basements aren’t too common in our area, some homes do have them. And those that do are constantly under the threat of getting water in their basement. We have been providing basement flood cleanup services throughout the greater Roseville metro area for years and can competently and quickly handle whatever your property might throw at us. Whether it’s 3 in the morning or on Christmas day, we’re here to help you get the situation fixed fast!

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The first thing Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding always try and stress is the urgency involved when water gets into a basement. Once that happens, the pressure mounts to get it out before black mold damage occurs. We always answer your call, and Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding always dispatch the closest crew immediately. In fact, we can be at your home within 60 minutes and our crews arrive in fully-stocked trucks ready to immediately tackle your flooded basement. Never wait, it can only result in bigger headaches for you!

We offer a free basement flood cleanup estimate!

Our initial step is to get onsite and then begin assessing the basement water damage. To do that, our lead technician will take moisture readings and measurements to know precisely what has taken on water. We can then begin laying out the proper mitigation plan to get the basement dry.

Our basement flooding services are always guaranteed!

We believe the one thing Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding owew customers is peace of mind. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to experience basement flooding, and out of all the chaos we feel they should at least know that when it’s behind them, they will be happy with how the process was handled by the company they hired. We guarantee that our customers will be pleased with our basement water removal services. So sit back, relax, and let us handle your loss from A-to-Z!

What does Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding do when you have a flooded basement in Roseville?

Many people have never experienced basement flooding and have no idea what Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding actually does. So below is a run down of the process we typically deploy when called to your home.

Item removal and water extraction.

First, Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding needs to remove items from your basement that are wet or are at risk of getting wet. If necessary, we can take certain items back to our warehouse and perform offsite drying and restoration services. Once the flooded basement is clear of furniture, boxes and everything else, Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding begin extracting the water and safely disposing of it away from your home.

Mold prevention.

Once as much of the standing water is gone as possible, Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding then takes a sweep through your property and spray down the areas that got wet and are at risk of developing black mold. We use a powerful mold inhibitor that inhibits its growth for a period of time. This allows us to complete the process before mold takes over.


Structural drying of basements must be done according to specific protocols and using specific equipment in order to ensure mold growth doesn’t occur long after the water damage restoration process has ended. We utilize the best equipment on the market and offer some of the fastest drying times in the industry.


Once the basement is returned to its dry standard, the rebuild process begin. If you have a finished basement and drywall, carpeting and other surfaces needed to be removed, we can now begin the final phase of the process by rebuilding those areas so they are returned to the same condition they were in before the flooding occurred.

Basement Flooding Advice

Don’t let water in your basement become a much more serious problem. Whether it’s finished or unfinished, if you don’t respond immediately you run the very serious risk of developing a dangerous black mold problem. We’re on-call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help you when an Roseville flooded basement occurs!

If you just walked down to your Roseville basement and found it flooded, you’re probably in a panic. We understand, our Roseville basement flood experts deal with the issue everyday. It’s important that you act quickly to get the water out as soon as possible. The longer water stays in your Roseville MI flooded basement, the more problems that will arise.

professionals available 24/7 to help get your residential or commercial basement flood situation resolved fast. Our Roseville flood damage experts only use the most hi-tech equipment and restoration industry-standard techniques to restore your property. That means you can have peace of mind knowing your Roseville basement flood will be remediated properly.

Regardless of the size of the affected area, or whether your Roseville basement is finished or not, Johns Plumbing Basement Flooding can come to your Roseville MI home or office immediately to provide an assessment of the flood and a cost estimate to perform any Roseville water extraction services necessary. We can also work with your Roseville insurance company and perform the homeowners’ insurance claims process to assist you in your time of need!

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Plumbing Emergency? Don't Panic!

We are standing by to help. Click the button to schedule you're prompt service.

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